At times when a storm knocks out your power source or in the days of summer, a generator is the most critical part for your home and businesses. We all agree that the generators are designed to serve you in worst-case scenarios, but they too have various issues that can cause total failure at times when you need them the most. Let’s take a look at some of those common problems, which we all face with generators.

Lack of Fuel

It is very obvious that the generator runs on fuel and without fuel, it won’t operate. Hence when one is facing issues with the operation of their generator, then the fuel is the first thing they should check. Another factor to consider here that if you have low fuel, always check if the generator has any fuel leakage or not. In some cases the fuel gauges have complex gas level reading, leaving you in a confusing situation.

Block Heater Wear and Tear

The block heater operates for the sole purpose, which is to heat the coolant and circulate it around the engine. The oil will get thick and will stop working, without the block heater. As the block heater operates all day, hence overtime it eventually expires. So if your block heater stops working, then it will affect the generator and that problem needs to be fixed by replacing the failed component.

Low Coolant Levels

A low coolant temperature can also occur if the block heater of the generator is not functioning properly. The cooler will unable to circulate, without the heater to warm the coolant and distribute it through the generator. Leakage near the block heater is also the most common issue with the coolant. The hoses can experience wear and tear much faster than usual since the block heaters generator produce immense heat. Depending on the generator you own, it might also alert you with an automatic alarm to let you know about the issue.

Dead Battery

Just like any of your vehicles, if the battery of your generator is dead, then it won’t function. Life-span of the generator batteries lasts for 3-5 years. It also depends on the way you maintain your generator, as good maintenance can increase the life-span of your generator batteries.

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