A requirement of modern engines differs from the needs of traditional truck engines. In previous times truck tune-up was highly necessary and was in frequent demand to maintain the smooth movement of the truck’s engine. However, those days are behind us as nowadays digital systems handle most of these tasks and that makes truck tune-up less necessary. In addition to that, the digital system monitors the idle speed and the ignition timing including fuel mixing. However, for the better performance of the engine your also have to make sure that you change the spark plug once required. Even with digital truck tune-up you would require someone who could manage your fleet maintenance and these are the few services that Wego2U Mobile Mechanic can provide you for the better performance of your truck’s engine: 

  • Inspection of the oxygen sensors and replace them when required
  • Replace essential fluids and air filter when required
  • Diagnosis of fluid level and inspect belts and hoses and replace them if required
  • Replacement of spark plug to improve gas mileage, engine starting, and engine power
  • Digital diagnostics performed by trained professionals to check systems and repair indicated issues
  • Inspect the voltage of your batteries and replace them if required 

Thanks to modern-day engine performance analysis features most of the inspection will involve scanning for fault codes and using a digital system to evaluate system components like engine timing and idle speed. Those days are behind us when the mechanic had to determine the condition of the engine by hearing its sound. This digital inspection can save one’s time and money, as it can pinpoint the exact issue before your mechanic can start pulling apart everything and figure out what part needs to be replaced. It is also a fact that even digital systems can malfunction, hence I strongly recommend that you let a trained professional perform diagnostics and repair the issue.

Yes, even with the digital system to inspect the problems we require assistance from trained professionals, as we aren’t in the time where the vehicle can self-service itself.

Regular tune-ups are important for every vehicle, but in recommended intervals by the manufacturer, model and the condition under which it has been driven. The modern-day tune-up is especially designed to keep your engine running smoothly and effectively and that involves the replacement of spark plug, fuel filter, and air filter when required. In addition to that, the fuel injection service is also necessary and proper diagnostic of all the fluid levels and topped off, if necessary. However, it’s a service that goes beyond the regular oil change of your truck. Because each truck service requirement varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and year to year.

Maintain Your Trucking Fleet With Wego2U Mobile Mechanic

Here at Wego2U Mobile Mechanic, our team of expert professionals with years of experience can offer a verity of inspection and diagnostics, so we can properly analyze the issue and provide you the best result. Using the services of Wego2U Mobile Mechanic you can enjoy reliable repairs and truck maintenance, at times when you are out of every option. Hence to schedule your affordable and honest service today, feel free to call us on 949-288-3509

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