Fuel is the most essential thing that performs a major function that helps a car to maintain its motion and it is an integral part of the engine. In this article, we have explained the importance and reasons why the fuel pump is necessary and extremely expensive.

Importance Of Fuel Pump

The basic tasks of a fuel pump to generate a consistent flow of fuel to the engine. The fuel which is not used is returned back to the tank. The fuel pump also makes sure that the fuel is not to close to the hot engine in order to reduce the chances of the fuel getting too hot. The fuel pump can be located in the tank or externally. The modern electric fuel pumps reduce the risk of fire significantly, as it can be found inside the fuel tank. The electrical components like the fuel-pump can catch fire easily as they can spark and ignite the fuel vapors and that is why the fuel pump is located in the fuel tank. As the fuel pump is submerged in fuel it can cool the fuel and make sure that it doesn’t overheat. It is very important to maintain a quarter tank of fuel in the vehicle, in order to increase the life-span of the electric fuel pump.

The fuel pump has two main purposes and one of them is to generate pressure and volume. The pressure generated by the fuel pump is delivered from the pump along with the volume of fuel to ensure the performance and emission of the car. The pump has to perform the process of creating pressure and then draws fuel from the tank, then passes through the fuel lines and fuel filter in order to reach the fuel injectors at the engine. Then finally the fuel travels to the cylinder combustion chamber for ignition.

Reasons It Is So Expensive

The fuel pump is extremely costly, as it is an important part of the fuel system that performs major functions and more importantly it is extremely complex to replace it. In addition to that this is the type of part that can get be damaged, due to multiple reasons such as metal bits in the fuel, poor quality fuel, and moisture in the fuel lines. The repair cost fuel pump varies and it totally depends on the type of damage, the engine it supports, and the car.

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