At time when your car is running properly without giving you any issues on road and accelerating smoothly delivering ultimate joy of driving, even in times like that you should always be very careful with the fluids of your car, as the car fluids under your hood are vital to keep your vehicle in good condition. We have listed some of the essential fluids, which can keep all the parts of your car in excellent condition:

Important Car Fluids

Engine Oil

Engine Oil is the one of the most important fluid of your car and that’s the only thing which ensures that your car functions effectively on road. One should not forget to change the engine oil in every 5,000 miles or follow the recommendation provided in owner’s manual. You have to turn off your car. Then wait for at least 10 minutes, which would be sufficient time for all the parts to cool down and then you go ahead and check the fluid level of your car to achieve accurate measure. You would normally find oil dip stick near the front of the engine, simply pull it out and clean it with a rag. Now put it back and pull it out again and notice the marking of the oil level.

Transmission Fluid
You might have to get the fluid checked by a professional, if you don’t have a dip stick. If you have a dip stick, then keep your car running in the park and follow the same instruction which you used to check your engine oil. Pay close attention to the level and colours of the fluid, which should be red, light brown or pink. You have to replace Transmission Fluid in every 30,000-60,000 miles.
If you want to avoid accidents, then always remember that your car should be off and cool to touch before you go ahead and check the coolant of your car. This tank is basically semi-transparent and you will be able to tell by gazing at the markings on the side whether and make sure levels are not too low.
Wiper Fluid
If you want to avoid accidents, then always remember that your car should be off and cool to touch before you go ahead and check your car fluid. If the container is semi-transparent then you will be able to rapidly identify whether or not you need to refill wiper fluid.
Brake Fluid
I really recommend that you let a professional check your brake fluid and get it refilled by them if necessary, as any error with brake fluid can result in major accident on the road. Brake fluid plays an important role in stopping your car, when you apply brakes. Our expert professional can easily locate the master cylinder of your car and check whether or not the brake fluid is low. It is necessary to change brake fluid in every 45,000 miles.

Check Your Car Fluids with Mobile Auto Service

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