One of the most important features of the car, which is also responsible for your safety, is rear-view mirrors, as they expand your inverse vision when you are in your vehicle. If you lack the vision of what’s there behind your car then you might accidentally hit something while reversing your car or you won’t be able to see if cops are coming behind your car. In such circumstances, you could damage your car and also get a big-ticket from the cops. Hence, if you’re facing any kind of issues with you rear-view mirrors then get it resolved as quickly as possible.

Your rear-view mirror should last as long as your vehicle does. However, sometimes it develops issues and you have to replace them. If you are dealing with any of the following issues, then please schedule an appointment with us and one of our trained professionals will be at your service.

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Symptoms of a Bad Rear-view Mirror

It is Cracked or Broken

If your rearview mirror has broken from the hinges or has significant cracks, then you might have to replace them before it leads you to big-ticket or hitting into something while you’re reversing. Some minor cracks on your rearview mirror don’t require replacement unless it is extremely distracting. However, in case of major cracks that reduce your inverse vision is a strong reason to go for rearview mirror replacement.

It is Stained or Unable To be Cleaned

There are various reasons which can lead you to stained rear-view mirrors. Maybe some stubborn mold crept its way to your mirror and won’t come off and you used a chemical that is not meant to clean rear-view mirrors or sometimes constant exposure to the sun can permanently dim the mirrors. It really doesn’t matter how it happened, it is very distracting and blocks your inverse vision. In such cases, you should consult a professional to replace the rear-view mirror of your car.

The Light Dimming Function Doesn’t Work

Some latest cars have a feature in the rear-view mirror that dims the reflection. This is an extremely useful feature when driving in dark and the car behind you has very bright headlights. If this function stops then it is a sign that you have to replace the rear-view mirror. However, this feature is not common with every car, hence most of you won’t notice such a thing if it is malfunctioning. But if you have this function then it is wise you replace your rearview mirror in case it is not functioning properly.

It is Missing

If your rear-view mirror is completely disconnected or missing, then it is quite oblivious that you install a rear-view mirror immediately, if you really care about your car. I know most of you will imagine that we have side mirrors and they are functioning properly, but it is important to have a full view around your car to reverse safely. You will end up spending more money than a rear-view mirror replacement if you accidentally hit your car.

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