If you’re the one who maintains their vehicle really well then you might never have to replace your water pump the entire time you own your vehicle. However, if any problem occurs with your water pump then it will definitely result in overheating your car’s engine. I strongly recommend that if you suspect that the water pump of your car is not working as it used to be then please consulting a professional before it damages other parts of your car and leads you to heavy expenditure.

Facts and figures

A perfectly fine water pump requires replacement after 61,000-100,000 miles, so if your car is less than 10 years old than you might not have to worry about replacing the water pump. In case, if you have purchased a used car, then I would always recommend that you hire a qualified professional for pre-purchase inspection before buying that car and if you have already purchased that car, then at least get a trained professional to inspect the water pump and ask them if it is necessary to replace the water pump. By doing this you can increase the life-span of your car and also save yourself from all unnecessary repairs.

How to save money

In many vehicles, the water pump is installed away from our site and that makes it extremely hard to get to it and inspect. However, that doesn’t mean that one can easily ignore that part as it’s hidden. Because poor functionality of the water pump can lead your car to engine overheating and if anything goes wrong with your engine then you will have a dead car in your parking. The water pump itself is not very expensive, as it normally costs less than $50. However, the replacement could become more expensive due to the labor involved in replacing the water pump. Like we discussed earlier that in some cars the water pump is tucked inside and it is very hard to reach and for that sole reason replacing the water pump can be a really labor-extensive task. But, you can still save some money if you replace the water pump of your car while replacing the timing belt, as this part also requires removing several other parts of your car. 

Common Signs of Faulty Water Pump That One Shouldn’t Ignore

  • If the water pump gasket is blown then the coolant can drip out to the ground and a coolant leak near the timing belt can be detected by physically seeking a leak under your car.
  • Always listen to your car and if your car is making any unusual noise then it normally trying to tell you something is wrong, as it can’t send you an email with a list of required repairs. You might hear buzzing sound if the belt that connects the water pump becomes loose. I strongly recommend that you consult a professional if you are totally unsure why your car is making a weird noise.
  • If your water pump is not functioning properly or not working at all then the coolant fails to circulate and that causes your car’s engine to overheat. In such a case, the needle at the temperature gauge will rise or the temperature light may come on.

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