Every time you get into your car, you want to make sure one thing that you have safe and secure driving experience or you reach safely at your destination. In order to confirm your safety it is very important that your steering system is functioning properly, as a faulty steering system can lead you to roadside accidents. Lacking the ability to have a full control over your vehicle can be extremely terrifying when you are trying to find your way out of rush hour traffic or driving on highway. It is extremely important that have full control of your car and Wego2U Mobile Mechanic is here to ensure that you never have such experience with your vehicle.

So today, let’s talk about some of the common problems of the steering wheel.

Each Steering wheel system has one of these two things: Hard or lose to control or else stiff and hard to turn. Both of these issues are common if you’re driving that vehicle from a long time. If you face any such issues with your steering system, then feel free to contact Wego2U Mobile Mechanic. Our expert mechanics will be happy to provide you on-site assistance and they will make sure that the steering system of your vehicle is working smooth as possible.

Loose Steering Wheel

Looseness in the steering gear or in steering linkage socket or a fault in another component of steering system can make your vehicle unresponsive and might respond in abnormal ways. For instance, if the pitman’s arm is damaged, then your car’s steering system won’t function properly, because it helps the steering wheel to achieve smooth movement. Another issue, which can make your steering system go nuts is worn tie rods or a failing ball joint, however you should always let a professional inspect your car, if you are having any kind of issues with the steering system of your car and they will employ their expertise to improve that current condition of your car.

Stiff steering wheel

There are various potential culprits are involved, if you are having trouble turning your steering wheel, then I recommend we should conduct a proper trail by professional mechanics and sentence those culprits to repair or replacement.

  • Fluid lubricants ensure the smooth movement of a power steering system, so if you are running low on power steering fluid, then it might be the reason of the stiff movement of your steering wheel. Refilling this fluid can help in achieving that same smooth movement of your power steering again, but one has to also make sure that they don’t have any lose or leaking pressurized hose, as it can lead to some bigger problems with steering system. It won’t work in your favor if you simply make an assumption about the problem and then go for an unnecessary solution. In such a case you will put you and others at great risk. So, the wise thing which you can do is hire a professional to inspect the hose and power steering pump of your car. I can be an issue with the fluid also if you’re driving the car from a long time without changing the fluid, then the power steering fluid gets thick and old, which can make your steering tight and makes it harder to turn when you’re driving slow. Hence getting that old fluid flushed and replacing it with the new one can help you solve that problem.
  • If you have a bad steering rack, then it much likely causes your steering wheel to become stiff or lose control,
    depending on the problem. Every steering rack expires over the years and one should go for replacement before it creates more problems with your steering system.
  •  If your car has lose, broken or old serpentine belt, then that might be also the reason of stiff steering movement.
  • Get your tire pressure cheeked by a professional, as low tire pressure also contributes to a stiff steering wheel.

Are you having problems with your steering wheel?

There are a large variety of explanations for your faulty steering wheel and the best way you acquire to
address those issues is by consulting a professional. Here at Wego2U Mobile Mechanic our team of expert professionals with years of experience can offer verity of inspection and diagnostics, so we can properly analyze the issue and
provide you the best result. Using the services of Wego2U Mobile Mechanic you can enjoy reliable repairs and automobile maintenance, while enjoying the comforts of your premises. Hence to schedule your affordable and honest service
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