Learning how to drive a car is extremely essential if you want to drive that car safely on the road. However, there are various other aspects related to a car that you might want to learn to save yourself from many inconvenient scenarios and one of the most common issues that a car owner faces are a flat tire. One would defiantly be proud of them if they are able to survive a flat tire successfully. If you are not certain what to do or have any doubt, then you might have to call a mobile mechanic. However, it’s not a bad idea to get ready for the worst-case scenario, where you have no option but to help yourself. Hence in this article, we have provided some tips and guidance to deal with a flat tire.

NOTE: Some cars have locking wheel bolts. If your car is among those cars, then check your glove box for a special key, as without the key you won’t be able to remove your wheel.

After proper inception, once you have determined that you have a puncture or a flat, then the first thing you should do is turn on your hazard lights and pull over to a safe location. Always make sure; if possible try to park your car on a hard and leveled surface, which is visible to other drivers. Once all is set and done, and then you have to look for lug wrench, the jack and for a wrench in your trunk. Some car includes road marker, flashlight and a road flare in their kit. One might not require these things in case of a flat tire but is good to have those items in handy. In addition to that make sure that you have applied emergency brake to stop your car from rolling while you’re removing the tire.  If one has a cap covering the bolts of their tire, then they have to remove the cap first to reveal internal bolts and one can employ the lug wrench to loosen the bolts holding the tire to your brake. Don’t forget that it is extremely dangerous to loosen the bolts while the car is suspended, hence only loosen the bolts and do not remove them at the same time. Once the bolts are loosened, then you might have to place your jack underneath the car.

Most cars come equipped with a slot in the frame where the jack can connect. But, if your car lacks such a facility then you might have to take a look at the manufacturer manual to conduct the proper replacement. Once the jack is properly placed, then you might have to start raising the jack with the help of the wrench and make sure that you have to raise the wheel approx. 2 or 3 inches above the ground.


NOTE: Never raise a car with people inside.

Now genteelly remove the wrench from the jack and start removing the bolts. Once all the bolts are removed then you are free to remove the wheel and place it under your car carefully. This will save your unprotected wheel hub, in case if your jack quits on your car.

Now, if everything is set and done, then it’s time to place your spare wheel to the hub and replace the bolts. Make sure you twist the bolts until you feel them ‘bite’.

Okay. Now you are good to go. Just remove the tire which you placed under your car, then fully lower the jack using the wrench. One that’s done then uses the wrench to fully tighten the bolts of the spare tire. Put the wrench, jack and the flat tire where they belong and head home.

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