Reason Behind Blown Head Gasket

The head gasket has to endure extremely high temperature and high-pressure, due to gasses. It can start leaking after a while, due to the different types of temperatures it faces and the area it covers within the engine through tubes. However, these leaks cannot be seen easily, as the head gasket seals the coolant pipes and combustion chamber. It is only visible if the engine is removed and then the professionals have to inspect carefully to pinpoint the problems. This makes it really complex and the leak cannot be seen by visual diagnosis.

Importance And Functions Of Head Gasket

The head gasket is located between the engine block and the cylinder head. All the modern cars have head gasket made especially for them varying in thickness and size according to the requirements of the car. The importance of this part is that it seals the combustion chamber and allows the car to create proper compression and contain the exhaust gases. In addition to that, it also does the task of keeping the coolant and engine oil out of the combustion chamber and maintains the efficiency of the engine.

Head gasket needs to be maintained well since it is an expensive repair to get done and can cause some serious damage to the car if you continue driving after worn out. It can eventually lead to complete failure.

Leakage From External Head Gasket

If the coolant starts leaking from under the exhaust manifold, it is a symptom of a blown head gasket. It should be diagnosed immediately by taking the car to a professional, as it is not easy to spot the exact location of the leakage and requires proper tools like UV light to get it done.

White Smoke From Exhaust

When the head gasket suffers from leaks, the coolant usually flows into the combustion chamber on intake stokes which leads to the coolant evaporating and leads to white smoke coming from the exhaust. The size of the leakage from the head gasket determines the amount of smoke.

Bubbles Formed In Radiator

When there is a leakage from the gasket, the internal head gasket leak allows the exhaust gasses to get into the coolant which causes bubbles to be formed inside the radiator making it look like it is boiling even when it is not.

Engine Overheating

If the head gasket is blown, the engine will overheat after long drives. It happens due to the lack of coolant and combustion processes. The radiator loses its ability to cool the engine anymore and that results in overheating. When the engine overheats, it can cause a lot of problems and lead to expensive repairs. This may result in permanent damage to the engine or complete engine failure.

How To Avoid It?

Since repairing the head gasket is really expensive, it is better to maintain it and take preventive measures to avoid it.

To reduce the chances of getting the head gasket blown, get the combustion chamber pressure as low as it can. If the vehicle is turbocharged, then one has to make sure that the boost level is set to factory setting in order to keep the pressure in check and one has to also make sure that the engine doesn’t get in a state of the build-up of excessive carbon or develops advanced timing. One has to also maintain the RPM, as it will eventually assist you in reducing the heat on the head gasket.

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