You might be well-aware of various types of inconvenience and problems caused due to flat or worn out tires and more importantly these old and worn out tires can be extremely dangerous on the road and puts you and your car at great risk. However, the risk might not present itself immediately, but the old tires can be extremely risky for the driver on the road.

How Do Tires Age?

Just imagine a rubber band as your car tire. Old rubber band which is been in use for a long duration often shows some cracks in its core material when stretched. Somewhat similar to that your car tire also ages over time and after some time they also starts to lose its sturdy durability of facing harsh condition of the road and cracks. The cracking on the internal side of the tire eventually reduces the grip and forces the steel treads to lose its connection with the rubber parts of the tire. Hence we recommend that you change your tires, before they wore out to enjoy a save drive on the road.

How Long Can You Drive Your Tires?

The life-span of a tire totally depends on the quality of those tires you purchase and your driving style. Various automobile companies recommend that you change your car tire in every six years and others suggests that you change it ten years, however your driving style and the condition of the road on which you’re driving also plays an important part in increasing or reducing the life span of your car tires, hence harsher road condition leads to the requirement of more frequent replacement of tires.

What factors increases the life-span of a car tire?

  • Heat : Car tires tend to age faster in hot climate where car have more exposure to extreme coastal climate heat and sunlight
  • Conditions : Your car tire will have more wear and tear in case of under-inflation and when your driving habits are not proper, it can also have negative impact on your car tires and things like often collision with the curbs or a frequent puncturereduce the life-span of your car tires.

Why Are Old Tires Dangerous?

  • Heat Buildup : While driving friction is generated between road and tires, which ultimately produces heat. Without treads the heat level rises, as it is the only thing helps the tire to cool down and prevent blowout.
  • Increased Hydroplaning Risk : Worn out tire treads will make the grooves shallow and less above to keep the water away from tire. Bald tires make you lose control of your car on slightly wet roads.
  • Poor Handling in Weather : Sometimes it is extremely risky to drive on roads covered with ice or snow, even with a good pair of tires. Now just imagine how dangerous it can be for you, if you have employed old worn out tires to drive on such roads.

Keep Your Car’s Tires in Excellent Shape

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