Today we will discuss about the dangers involved with cheap brake jobs. Getting something at cheap rates is really tempting and everyone including myself wants to save some money at a cheaper deal offered by the business owners, that’s why i want to highlight some facts about the cheap brake jobs and trust me those services will prove to be more expansive and harmful for you and your car in long run. Recently the reason behind most of the road accidents are faulty brakes and if the brakes of your car are not functioning properly, then it can lead to permanent car damage or worse. I have listed some points and every driver should read this before going for a cheap brake job.

You Always Get What You Pay For

The one who is paying for cheap brake job is actually getting poor labor, lower quality and poor quality products, as there are more expensive brake pads in the market and the reason of their high price is not to rip you off, but to provide you optimum quality which came into automobile market after several quality checks. The premium products are more focused on including high quality components, providing longer lifespan, higher safety rating and driver satisfaction, which is the only reason behind their price range. Normally it takes approx. 0.9 hours to replace brake pads with additional 0.2 to 0.4 hours to replace rotors and if the brake job is extremely inexpensive and less time consuming, then it might be possible that the person is inexperienced.


This type of comparison might seem a bit odd to you, but just imagine yourself buying medicine for a cold like your purchase brakes. When you are out to purchase a drug, then you will be also paying for all the research and development cost that went into the cold medicine, instead of just expenditure of making, packaging and advertising of that medicine. The same exact thing goes for your car brakes, as reputable companies spend ample of time and money to produce optimum and effective brake pads for various car owners. It takes weeks of development, which includes simulation testing to on-vehicle testing in a controlled environment just to produce single brake pads.

Permanent Damage to Your Car

Cheap brake job can lead you to some serious damage and make you spent more money than you actually saved on that cheap brake job, which includes:
  • Brake Rotors: The first thing which gets cracked or damaged once your brake pads wears out. The rotors can get cracked, warped or fail to function properly and in times like that an immediate replacement is required.
  • Calipers: Brake pads serve as a barrier between calipers and rotor, making it a critical part of your braking system. Hence once the pads wear out, then there is no barrier between the calipers and rotors and both will grind each other causing serious damage in the braking system of your car.
  • Suspension: The suspensions are responsible to give you a smooth driving experience, even when you’re driving on a bumpy road. Employing cheap brake jobs might do serious damage to the suspension system, which will result in misalignment of your car and do permanent damage to entire vehicle.

Never Settle for Cheap Brake Jobs

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