The transmission system is a significant part of your car as that’s the only component that helps your car to go faster or slower by changing gears according to your requirements. There are various reasons that may cause transmission failures and there are symptoms that can assist you to recognize it before the entire system falls apart. In this article, we have mentioned various reasons that lead to transmission failure.

Transmission Fluid

If the basic fluid requirements are not fulfilled, then it might result in transmission failure, as the fluid is the only thing that lubricates and helps the transmission system operate smoothly. Hence, If your transmission fluid is low or completely out, then I would recommend that you get it replaced immediately, as it is the most common reason for complete transmission failure.

Clutch Problems

It might also cause great damage to your transmission system if the gears are shifted at high speeds or at irregular speeds. If one fails to follow the guidance and recommendation provided by the professionals or manufacturer about the speeds at which it is suggested to shift the gears, then it really harms the system. However, it is not that big of a problem with the automatic cars as they shift the gears automatically. But, if you are not driving an automatic car, then I recommended shifting gears properly to ensure the safety of gearbox and the longer life-span of the transmission system.

Worn Out Gears

It really doesn’t matter whether your car is automatic or manual, as if the transmission fluid is low, then it will result in transmission failure and it will wear out the gears rapidly. I always recommend that you check the transmission fluid every 15,000 to 20,000 miles. This will ultimately help you keep the gears in optimum condition for longer period and it will also help the entire system to function smoothly as well as improve their lifespan.

Torque Issues

The torque converter is another common issue that can lead to transmission failure. When one revs the engine and then goes off immediately, it builds an excessive amount of heat and affects the torque converter. It not only harms the converter, but it also does a great amount of damage to your car’s transmission system. It can significantly reduce the lifespan of the transmission parts immensely or it can jam the entire system and result in complete failure.

Rough Driving

We all agree on the fact that the poor handling of any machine can reduce its lifespan and might give you heavy maintenance. The same rule applies to your car as well and when the car is driven roughly or brakes are pressed very often, then the gears might wear out too soon and one might require a replacement. It does significant harm to most of the parts of the car in general. It also harms the transmission system and the braking system the most. When the car is slowed down suddenly or the sudden shift of gears creates problems as sometimes, the gears need to be changed in appropriate order to get on with it. The transmission system will fail sooner or later depending on the wears if the car is driven rashly.

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