Cold weather normally affects various components of your car, hence antifreeze is the first inspection any professional mechanic should conduct on your vehicle. The antifreeze should have a proper mixture of 50/50 and the antifreeze should be filled to the top of the radiator and to the full line of the overflow tank. Also, if the antifreeze is dark brown in color or has more than 30,000 miles then it is time to flush the cooling system.

Professional hired by you should also consider diagnosing alternator system, once they are done with the antifreeze inspection. The battery should have the minimum cold-cranking amps for your vehicle and the voltage of the battery should be no less than 12.6. One must always go for a battery replacement if the battery is weak. If your battery gave up on you in the middle of a highway, then it will be lot more inconvenient and an expensive experience for you than a battery replacement. In addition, the alternator should produce at least 13.5 – 14.2 volts. The alternator must be replaced if the voltage is out of specification or else if it is generating too much voltage. Your automobile mechanic should also inspect the condition of various belts for deterioration, deflection, and cracks. They should replace the belts if the belts are not in optimum condition.

Moreover, the fuel system should be inspected. The fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel injector should be inspected by a car repair shop. Cold weather can create extreme complexity for the fuel to travel through the line. As a result, the vehicle will have a hard time to start if you have following issues such as clogged fuel injector, weak fuel pump or a dirty fuel filter. Your car mechanic should always start with the basic and easiest part to replace and work his way up until the vehicle provides satisfactory performance. Inspection of tires is also an essential part of any car maintenance and all the mechanics should conduct that diagnosis.

On top of that, there are many other components that do require time to time inspection to achieve optimum functionality from a vehicle. For Instance:

  • The Engine oil should be replaced every 3,000 miles or 3 month
  • The transmission fluid should be replaced in 2 years or every 30,000 miles
  • The brake system should be inspected

It is extremely necessary to get your car inspected every once in a while to have better performance from a vehicle and to save yourself from major damages. As minor unattended issues can lead you to major damage and can attract expensive repairs in your car. If you’re in need of expert advice for your vehicle or need any kind of inspection for your car, then WeGo2U Mobile Mechanic is just a call away.

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