Many people start their cars and let the engine idle for a few minutes during the winter before heading off. Most of the car owners do that thinking it may help the engine to heat-up and others do that as a cold car can feel pretty miserable. However, the truth may amaze you, as the process of idling is totally outdated and unnecessary. It may be required until and unless your car is 25+ years old and it is equipped with a carbureted engine, you don’t need to let the engine idle after the initial crank. In fact, idling one could cause much harm to their car than doing any good.

Drive Smart This Winter

In this chilling season, one must consider to grab a blanket or try heating up some microwavable hand warmers before you head out your car. One should always scrape the ice off the windows and bundle up before they can start the engine and drive. By avoiding idling one can protect the environment, save fuel and possibly increase the life-span of their car. Share this article to spread the word! Idling your car as a way to warm it up in the winter is a common misconception.

Some States Have Strict Rules For Idling

The various States and some local towns including cities have imposed idling rules. Many jurisdictions ban prolonged idling because the practice unnecessarily releases pollution and harms the environment. Unless your car meets certain exceptions to the rule, you could face a hundred dollars or more in fines. If you live in or drive to some states including Colorado, New Jersey, New York, and Michigan, then you may receive a ticket for letting your car idle for longer than a few minutes.

Here’s How It Works

Newer engines use electronic fuel injection. Most cars employ sensors to inject required fuel into the engine as needed to compensate for the cold. It follows that same process till the engine heats-up to the required temperature and if one lets the engine idle, then it will not heat-up rapidly, but it will start injecting more fuel till the engine reaches its required temperature.

For those who regularly let their car stay idle, the extra gasoline pumped into the engine can erode lubricant and waste gas. The practice will ultimately shorten the life of the car. One might feel better sitting in a warm car during mornings, However, the best thing one can do to raise the engine temperature is going on a long drive.

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