Basic Information About Brake Pads And Rotors

Most of the automobile professionals always recommend you change the rotors when you replace the brake pads of your car because it is essential to do so as well taking into consideration a few other factors. All types of cars have rotors and to change all four of them can be quite expensive and not everyone can afford to do it frequently. Normally the rotor has to be replaced every 14000 – 71000 miles. It also depends on your driving style as the way you apply brakes, the type of traffic conditions you drive in are all among the factors which affect the brake pads and rotors.

How Brake Rotors Work

It is necessary for all the car owners to perform a little routine maintenance to keep their vehicle in optimum condition. This includes regularly replacement of car fluids, occasionally monitoring the levels of each of the vehicle’s vital fluids and maintains proper tire pressure. Some components and systems require a little more attention and others require a little less. However, when it comes to the braking system of your vehicle, then a regularly fluid check and replacement of your brake pads on time can take your worry away.

But, you’re forgetting about the rest of the brake components, that includes your brake rotors. Brake rotors are a significant part of the braking system that stops your vehicle when you apply brakes. Brake rotors (they’re also called brake discs) are what your vehicle’s brake pads clamp down on to stop the wheels from spinning. It might shock most of the people, that the brake rotors are equally important to stop the vehicle as to the brake pads. Like any other parts of the braking system, there are several different types of brake rotors available. We’ll take a look at a variety of them throughout this article — pointing out the strong points and drawbacks of each along the way.

Keep reading to learn more about the many different types of brake rotors. You may even be able to determine which are best suited for your car or truck, and how you can maintain them.


What To Do

Even though brakes pad and rotors work together, they are different parts and wear-out differently which makes it important to inspect each part carefully before getting it replaced.

Brake rotors need to have a certain amount of thickness for it to be considered safe. So, you need to check the thickness first. If the thickness is not as required, you should get it replaced as soon as possible. One can observe a reduction in braking efficiency if they ignore the brake rotors thinking that it will still last for a while.

Precautions To Take

The other precautionary measure you can take is that when you get your brake pads replaced, you should get the rotors checked. If the surface of the rotors is uneven or looks a bit damaged, you should get the rotors surface machined to make it smooth and even. If the brake rotors are uneven or damaged, it may cause it to vibrate when you apply the brakes.

Decision Is Yours

In the end, it all comes down to this, if you can afford to change the rotors, it is best to do so. It will help you get the phenomenal performance and your safety will be assured. If not, then wait till it gets to the minimum level to be considered safe and then get it changed.

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