We have various kinds of lights in a vehicle and each has its role to play to ensure the driver’s safety. In this article, we have mentioned some of the tips and usage of all those safety lights to avoid road accidents.


The headlight plays a significant role in improving the overall driving experience and it also helps the driver to have a clear vision while driving in various weather conditions; especially at night. The main purpose of headlights that are mounted on the front of the vehicle is to light up the road during the foggy, night and low light road conditions. It helps prevent accidents and ensures the safety of the vehicle and passengers. Always make sure to keep the headlights clean by taking preventive measures as it is really necessary. The two basic features of headlights are to help you have clear vision at close distance and the other is to help you see the far-off objects. It highly recommended by trained professionals that one must use genuine products for headlight or headlamps, as aftermarket or cheap alternatives can be a real danger to your safety.

Tail Lamp

The purpose of the tail lamp is simple. It really helps one achieve a clear vision of the objects coming from far or at a reduced distance when coming from behind to overtake you. In addition to that, it also helps them to see you and judge whether to slow down the vehicle, apply brakes or overtake you and go ahead. The tail lamp requires an equal amount of maintenance as the headlights as both their purposes are equally important. The safety it ensures is really important for a driver.

Fog Light

The fog lights are specially designed to help the driver see at low speed and to let them see the surface and verges of the road more clearly. That’s the main reason why they are considered a safety feature. Fog light plays a significant role when the visibility is really poor industry, snowy, rainy or foggy weather conditions. If you live in an area that receives or faces a lot of snowfall, rain or dust storms, it is suggested by the mechanics to use fog lamps and maintain them for better visibility.

Brake Lights

The brake lights are on the back of the car while light up when the brake pedal is pressed to slow down or stop the car. This is also considered to be one of the most essential lights as it indicates your recent situation to the cars coming behind. Whether you are slowing down due to some reason, applying the emergency brake, the driver in the car behind will look at the brake light to understand what you are doing or about to do. It is a sort of a sign that helps avoid numerous accidents.

Turn Light

The indicator lights are located on the front, back, and side of the car or sometimes on the side-view mirrors. These indicators play a really important role in ensuring safety while driving. These indicators really assist the driver to provide vision to other drivers and help them understand which way he wants to go or turn. They are used while making left or right turns and while overtaking. Their importance cannot be ignored and it is necessary to get the lights replaced if one of them stops working.

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