Tune-ups are beneficial in many ways and it keeps the car in optimum condition. In addition to that, it also helps your car in providing better performance over the years. The traditional car tune-up is no longer applicable to modern cars. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your car in for a tune-up—it’s still important that you do so—rather than the procedure is quite different these days.

Whether you have a car with an older ignition system or a new one, it’s necessary to have a tune-up done when your vehicle’s owner manual requires it. If you don’t, you run the risk of having your vehicle run poorly. A properly tuned vehicle will run smoothly and perhaps even see better fuel economy.

What Does a Car Tune-up Entail?

In the old days, a tune-up involved the replacement of the spark plugs and wires, as well as the distributor cap and perhaps the ignition coil or distributor rotor. In order to bring it back to factory specifications, the ignition timing requires fine-tuning and the air filter needs to be swapped out for a new one.

Now, most of that’s changed. Modern cars typically no longer use distributors—spark plugs are now often powered by their own coil, and ignition timing and fuel timing is computer controlled. Most of the latest fuel and ignition system components are built to last for the lifetime of the vehicle.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a modern version of the tune-up. For example, many automakers still suggest that the spark plugs be replaced at the 100,000 mile mark, and almost all automakers recommend specific replacement intervals for the air filter. These intervals can range from 15,000 miles to 30,000 miles, in most cases.

Reduce Chances of Breakdowns

A regular tune-up helps the car stay in better condition and you don’t have to worry about starting problems or highway breakdowns. A vehicle can give you problems, due to various reasons and can lead you to some serious problem, if you don’t address those issues immediately. However, if the car is well-maintained, then the chances are quite slim.

Reduce Chance of Car Problems

The tune-up of a vehicle can be considered as preventive maintenance because during that time various minor problems can be detected and solved before it gets too serious and leads you to some expensive repairs. One can easily maintain their car and ensure longer life-span if all the smaller issues are fixed on time. For instance, Issues like a dirty air filter or spark plug problem can be detected and prevented by having a car tune-up.

Cost-Efficient Measure

Car tune-up really helps the owner to save money in the long run as regular tune-up comparatively cost less than fixing a major issue. A regular tune-up of your car can help you save a decent amount of money over a year or in a couple of years. As with car tune-up, various automobile issues can be avoided and it allows you to maintain the car and keeping it in optimum condition.

Helps Prevent Uncertainty

The chances of uncertainty happening such as accidents are avoided, as the car gets completely checked during a tune-up. It basically covers most of the important components of a car such as tires, engine, brake, oil and other various things. It can create a lot of uncertainty, without regular maintenance and one should avoid taking their car on a long trip if they are not sure about the condition of that car.

Increase the Lifespan of Vehicle

Any automobile professional would recommend you to perform regular tune-ups of your car in order to keep it in good condition and to increase its life-span. By performing regular tune-ups one can increase the performance of their car and keep the components in good condition. Tune-ups are competitively cheaper than purchasing a new car every couple of years. Any owner would want the car to last for a longer period to make it feel it was worth the money and tune-ups are important for that to happen.

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