One would normally assume that their car is going to start without any problems when they get in their car to head somewhere. You would hear the engine turning on, and then everything is good to go. However, there are times when your car will die almost immediately afterward starting and it can be an annoying situation. The most natural thing to expect from anyone is that they will try to start their vehicle until it dies.

Unfortunately, there is nothing worse than a dead car especially when you need to get somewhere on time. There are many things which may be stopping you from starting your vehicle and some of the root causes can get serious if not attended immediately. On the other hand, there are some issues that can be fixed by anyone and the other that require electrical equipment and one has to consult a trained professional in order to address those issues. In this article we have mentioned some of the common signs responsible and causes behind them:

Nothing happens when you turn the key (No clicking or cranking)

If nothing happens when you turn your keys, it is more likely you have a dead battery and in such a scenario one can jump-start their car using a spare battery or by using a battery booster. If this issue happens more than once, then it’s time to have your car batteries and alternator diagnosed by Wego2U Mobile Mechanics.

Even with a jump, nothing happens when you turn the key (No clicking or cranking)

If the result is negative even after a jump start process, then it is more likely there are issues with connections between the battery and the starter or the starter itself is malfunctioning.

A clicking noise but doesn’t crank

This usually means you have a weak battery. Try jump start process in this situation and if successful, have a technician run a battery inspection or get your battery replaced. If the jump start process fails, then you may have a bad connection between the starter and the battery, a bad starter solenoid or a malfunctioning bad starter itself. It’s time to employ one of our best mechanics.

The engine is cranking very slowly

This is pointing towards a weak battery. Try jump start process with your car and if successful, consider replacing the battery unless you see an obvious cause for charge drainage such as lights left on overnight.

Car cranks but doesn’t start

In this situation, you might have a spark plug issues, bad fuel pump, ignition coil issues and a blockage/leakage of the fuel itself.

If the car starts for a few seconds then it dies

This is a sign of a faulty fuel injector or a fuel flow issue. It’s time to book an appointment with us if it involves advanced repairs. If you need help with any of your auto repair needs, then Wego2U Mobile Mechanics can send you a certified mobile technician. WeGo2U Mobile Mechanics has trained professionals in most cities and they are just a call away.

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