It can be extremely difficult for one to plan new vehicle and it can put you in inconvenient situation, if that same vehicle gives you more expense on repairs and maintenance. Even after spending all that fortune on buying the vehicle and maintenance, you still have to spend on gas to actually drive that car on road. Well, I say purchase and maintenance expense are some of the things one can’t avoid, but you can definitely save some of your hard earned money on gas.

In this article I have mentioned some of the points, which can be really helpful for you in order to save your money on gas:

Be Gentle With The Pedals

If you really want to improve the gas mileage of your vehicle, then be very careful with your brake pedals, if one would slam on the brakes after accelerating too much then it will result in burning up more fuel of your car, as it forces your car to work more harder than it should.

Avoid Traffic

Heavy traffic waste lots of your car fuel, try to avoid is the best you can do, if possible. As you can’t normally fly your way out of heavy traffic, so the most logical option you have is to leave for work early to avoid busy hours. You can also try to take a route which is outside of city to avoid heavy traffic.

Get The Right Gas

Avoid running behind premium gasoline in your car and vise versa, if your car should be taking unleaded gasoline. Always choose the gas which is recommended for your vehicle. It will save more of your hard earned money in long run.

Avoid Idling

Always avoid turning on your car, if you want to just sit ideally inside the car. If you want to pick someone then sit in your car, but also turn off the engine. This will save you from wasting your car gas without any reason.

Don’t Overload

Most of you like to overload your cars and use every bit of a space you got and this is very common with pick-up trucks. More weight means that your car has to put more effort in moving forward and more effort will result in more gas, So this thing can be avoided by loading weight in your car which is recommended.

Maintain Your Tires

If your car tires are not maintained properly or if they have enough air pressure in them, then it will be harder for your car to maintain the motion. This will ultimately result in more gas usage.

So don’t forget to fill those tires or else your gas tank will get empty soon!

Fuel up in The Morning

If you fill up in the morning you get more gas at less, because in the morning the gas will be denser. But, if you choose to fill up the gas later in the day then the gas will expand a little, so fill up your gas in the morning.

Use The Right Oil

Always make sure that you use right oil for your vehicle and if you are unsure then consult with professional auto repair service like Wego2U Mobile Mechanic for recommendations. It is really important because wrong oil will drop down your gas mileage significantly.

Use Cruise Control

If you plan for a long drive, then cruise control is an excellent way to improve the gas mileage of your car, as you won’t have to touch the gas or brakes for a while. It will reduce the gas usage significantly and yes that means less money runs out of your pocket.

Seal Your Gas Cap

Many people forget to properly seal the gas cap and it is an factor which can reduce your gas mileage. So make sure you seal the gas cap properly, once you leave the gas station. Forgetting to seal will result in wasting lots of money on gas.

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