Everyone desires to save their hard-earned money and one can really save their money too on their car batteries. Most people lack proper knowledge of maintaining their car batteries and end up losing their money, just because of some silly mistakes done by them and due to lack of proper guidance. Hence in this article, I have mentioned some tips which you can use to extend the life-span of your car batteries and avoid having dead batteries, because of unawareness. In case your grievances are not solved by this article then I would suggest you book an appointment with Wego2U Mobile Mechanic and we will employ the best experts to solve your issues and provide you satisfactory results.

Now let’s talk about a few tips you can use to increase the life-span of your batteries:      

Limit Short Drives

There is one way to make sure that your car batteries last longer is by reducing the number of short drives. Because long drives increase the life-span of your car batteries. Short drives provide less charging time to your car batteries and your car batteries won’t be fully charged. You can also get in a situation where your car won’t start because of a dead battery if you take multiple short drives in a row. So make sure you take your car for a long drive!

Keep Your Battery Secured

Another reason which reduces the life-span of your car batteries is the vibration of car batteries while you drive your car. So always make sure that your car batteries are tightened properly to extend its life-span.

Limit Exposure to Extreme Temperatures

Your car batteries can also be damaged by extreme cold condition and that sole factor can significantly reduce the life-span of your car batteries, however the same goes for extreme heat. Make sure that you avoid exposing your car to that kind of extreme heat or cold and if possible park your car inside or in shade.

Keep Your Battery Clean

Once your car batteries ages, over time it accumulates and starts to build up gunk. Make sure you clean your car batteries every once in a while. It is very important that your car batteries should be dry, clean and gunk-free.

Limit Power Usage When Engine is Off

Avoid using other electronic features while your car engine is off because that could significantly reduce the life-span of your car batteries. Be logical and avoid unnecessary power usage when you’re not driving, as it can drain your car batteries.

Check Battery Voltage

Every once in a while you should check the voltage level of your car batteries to determine its life-span. If your car batteries are exposed to every factor mentioned above and it is one and a half years old, then keep checking your car batteries before it’s too late. You can also take the help of professionals like Wego2U Mobile Mechanic to verify the status of your car batteries and our expert mechanics can also provide you a recommendation to maintain your car batteries.

Don’t Leave Car Unused For Long

If you don’t drive your car for a long period, then that factor can too reduce the life-span of your car batteries. Your car batteries will eventually lose charge and it will unable to start ever again. So give your car keys to your friend, if you are going out of town!

Having Problems with Your Car Batteries or Any other Issue?

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