At a time when your car is running properly without giving you any issues on-road and accelerating smoothly delivering the ultimate joy of driving, even in times like that you should always be very careful with the fluids of your car, as the car fluids under your hood are vital to keeping your vehicle in good condition. However, when planning to get an oil change, people always look for a cheaper option thinking it doesn’t make much difference. But is it so? This article might help you understand the types of oil and their effect on an engine.

Types of Oils

There are normally two major types of oil one is synthetic oil and the other is regular. Regular oil is distilled and refined from crude oil. Whereas synthetic oil is an artificial oil created molecule by molecule from chemical compounds with the sole purpose of maintaining the modern engines. Synthetic oil protects the car better compared to the regular oil by improving performance under extreme temperatures and it also lasts longer. There are various other oil blends that are created by mixing regular and synthetic oil and that are considered for the maintenance as well. Blends might not be the best option; however, they are definitely an optimum option or considered as an upgrade from the regular oil. It gives better protection and performance than the regular oil but doesn’t last as long as compared to the synthetic oil.

Effects of Choosing Wrong Oil

Oil degrades over time and leaves harmful deposits that create sludge. It causes harmful effects on the engine’s performance and reduces its lifespan. Synthetic oil is more resistant to impurities and sludge formation and keeps the engine cleaner to operate better and perform better. On the other hand, regular oil lacks the ability to resist and degrade quickly by leading to performance issues, mileage problems, and sludge formation. Regular oil also lacks the ability to protect the engine from friction, wear and tear, and can lead to breakdowns. The synthetic oil is specially made to provide optimum performance for your car and it helps your car to handle all sorts of extreme weather conditions, however, the regular oil lacks the ability to provide optimum performance under harsh weather conditions and it ultimately leads one to major breakdowns.

What is Best?

We can’t argue on the fact that synthetic oil is far better for a car in all terms. Here are a few things that you may consider before making up your mind. The synthetic oil change costs nearly double than regular oil, but it protects the component of your car better than regular oil. In addition to that, it lasts much longer than regular oil. Regular oil is cheap, but it requires changing more often than synthetic oil. Synthetic oil lasts at least 7500 miles and on the other hand, regular oil lasts only for around 3000-5000 miles.

Using synthetic oil is extremely important if you want better performance out of your vehicle and want to keep all the parts of your car’s engine in optimum condition. You would also want to consider buying synthetic oil if you don’t want to change the engine oil more often than it is actually required. If you have synthetic oil, then it will also help you in cutting down your expense on gas by increasing your car’s overall mileage.

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