When the weather warms up and the days get longer, the open road seems to call your name. Whether you are going 3 hours away or are gearing up for a cross-country excursion, before you load up the trunk, you will need to make sure your car is ready for the road. Those who forgo a brief mechanical check over before taking to the highway are putting them at risk of being stranded. Here are a few preventative measures to take to ensure safe travels!

Check your oil

From the comfort of your driveway, check your oil levels and the date you’re due for an oil change. One would find in their vehicle’s manual, that the manufacturer has recommended an oil replacement in every once in a while. If you are close to what’s listed, take your car in to be serviced. If you’re pulling a trailer in hot weather and traveling to a distant location at the same time, then you might have to go for synthetic oil. Because using synthetic oil will cut friction losses in the engine and it also provides extra protection against thermal breakdowns. In addition to that, using synthetic motor oil will substantially reduce fuel consumption by your vehicle, resulting in saving some of your fuel expenditure.

Your transmission and drive axle both have their own lubricant supplies so those fluids will need to be checked, as well. Your owner’s manual will include a change interval listed for these two, and they are quite a bit longer than engine oil. Any mobile mechanic service including our mobile mechanic service can help you with a fluid replacement for your vehicle.

Hoses and Belts

The hoses in your car are regularly exposed to high temperatures, which is why they should be checked before getting on the road. If your hose were to get hard and crack, hot water will spurt out, and leave you in a world of trouble, far away from home. In order to avoid this inconvenience, make sure you let the mechanic diagnose the input and radiator hoses attach to the engine and radiator and also make sure that heater hoses are in good condition. If you spot any bulges or blisters, this is indicative of a weakness in the hose wall and they will need to be replaced. Inspection of various belts of your vehicle is also important; hence you let the mechanic inspect that for you when you leave your car for general maintenance.


It can be a great inconvenient experience for you when your car battery dies and leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere. If your starter sounds off or slows, it is due to either corrosion or a dying battery. If your car’s battery is more than 2 years old, look to see if the terminals are corrosion-free and the positive and negative leads are on tight. If you spot any white, chalky stuff on the terminals, wipe it off with a wire cable brush.

Tire pressure

Tires are the most important part of your vehicle, as they are your immediate contact with the road. Hence, it would be a wise decision, if you allow a trained professional to inspect them every once in a while and replace them as per the recommendation of your mechanic.

Road trips are meant to be stress-free and fun! Whether you are hitting the road with friends and family or traveling with the elderly, safety should be your number one priority. Take a moment to take care of your car and in return, your car will take care of you!

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